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About Me

It's my life's mission to help women tap into their intuitive power to manifest an abundant life.

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When I was a little girl, I had a repetitive dream that my school was on fire, my mom and I we're standing on the corner of our street, behind me was the direction to my childhood home but my mother and I were looking outward away from our house. We were lost and we couldn't find our way. I had always hated this dream, but now I know it was the Universe’s way of starting me on my true path to helping others reclaim their direction.


In high school I never cared about "clicks" I simply moved from table to table talking and connecting with everyone. I was fascinated by people, how they thought, what they liked, what held them back. I became an expert in patterns. I could see the patterns that caused people to have repeated pain in their lives. I uncovered patterns that allowed people to have JOY in their life. People gravitated to me with their problems and I didn't even realize my innate skill.


College was the most fun and stressful time in my life. When I wasn’t studying medical radiation and the physics of energy, I completely buried my soul. Drinking, smoking, binge eating, an obsession with exercise, pressures from school and pressure from playing competitive volleyball.

Looking back, I now realize that disconnecting from my soul didn't happen to me. It happened for me. As with any other hero's journey, we all have to go into the dark forest alone and come out our own hero.


I graduated and began working in the hospital setting. Shift work and multiple jobs. 

To destress, I started doing Yoga. The first time I went to a Yoga class I felt a shift at the end of the class as we laid down to relax, I felt as if there was a pebble that had just been thrown into a pond, ripples moved through me and I knew I was about to have a life transformation. 


I started to remember who I truly was and realized I was an empath picking up other people's energy and then believing their emotions were my own. So, I started practicing Reiki on anyone and everyone who would volunteer. 


I went to India to study meditation, Yoga, pranic healing, Reiki, chakras, I connected with other healers and I continued to practice on everyone who would volunteer.

But the number one reason for my journey abroad was to learn about myself. Because to know others, one must truly know themself. 


When I was living in India, that same repetitive dream from my childhood started to resurface. One night I woke up and at the end of my bed to the spirit of my teacher and he spoke to me and said turn around and go home. I went back to sleep (or was I sleeping already) and when I turned around there was my home, a temple. Which to me symbolized a realization that this is who I am. My “home” is not outside of me but within me.


Not too long after, I founded Sweaty Successful Moms where we created a life changing program called The Meaningful More™. We don't crave to do MORE but we do crave to have more passion, peace and purpose and THAT is what the magical program helped busy moms do. Uncover their purpose. Ironically the program also helped me uncover my own purpose. To help women listen to their intuition so they can live by their values, not their limited circumstances and be truly abundant and free. 


Now I'm helping women take back their power. Psychics and healers can tell you what to do and they can shift your energy or change your vibration but ultimately you give your power away when you ask someone else to do the work for you.


That’s why I teach women how to do the work themselves and how to connect with the divine, while I feel the gaps in which you are blocked. Women are meant to connect. You don't have to do the work alone, but you DO have to do the work, and YOU are blessed to have support. A spiritual team! 


When I work with woman we connect in a triad, The Divine, you and me. And together we let the divine lead and I support you and amplify your own ability to feel, see, and connect with your messages from the divine. 


Through workshop, Retreat, courses and one-one sessions; I have now supported hundreds of women to help them uncover their intuition and their soul's next step on the journey. I cannot wait to help you uncover yours.

Who I Help

Every soul on this earth has the ability to tap into their intuition, in order to live their ideal life. It is my mission to help guide others along their journey of intuitive growth. Everyone deserves to live a life of abundance, and we all have the power to achieve it.

How I Do It

The universe sends us messages in many different ways, and it's up to us to interpret that information to better our lives. Through my one-on-one workshops, sessions and programs, I'll be your spiritual guide, connecting you to your intuitive truth, and a more abundant lifestyle.

What's in It for You

If you desire more in life. 

If you believe in a higher power.

If you want to learn how to take control of your existence on this plain, this message is for you. You ARE an abundant soul, you CAN have everything you've ever wanted, and you WILL thrive, if you use these tools at your disposal.

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