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Grab the guidebook to find out!

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You're more psychic than you think!

You have been put on this earth to live with passion and purpose.

It's time to start living your intuitive truth now. 

Download the guidebook to find out what's blocking your intuition and how you can unleash your own intuitive power!

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My Story

Hi there, I'm Leslie Wendland. I'm a lover of life, passion, thoughtful healing and am committed to helping other women uncover their intuition. My mission in life is to empower other women to live a life of abundance with the freedom to make choices based on values, not limited circumstances. Guiding them to use their power to overcome their fears and truly live the life they want for themselves!

I did the whole "go to school and become a professional thing," I studied and learned how to critically think within the box I was given. I was never unhappy but something was missing. My soul! When I first was introduced to energy work I wanted to learn EVERYTHING but didn't want the traditional "studying from books and teacher". I started asking anyone and everyone to let me practice on them and learned through experience over 7 years. THEN I started reading and comparing my experience to "the experts" and refined my skills. If you're searching for something more, a different path in life that opens a whole new world of possibilities and growth, I would love nothing more, than to guide you through the process.

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What is your mission in life? How do you tap into your power?

How have you been manifesting your ideal life? Not sure?

Let me guide you to those answers so that you can start living an abundant life today!

Soul Session

A revolution for your soul

This FREE 15-minute SOUL SESSION provides a quick look into your life's purpose and helps you to begin the process of manifesting the life you want for yourself. If you desire more out of life, start your journey with this service.

Intuitive Workshops

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Trust Your Intuition

This in-depth workshop is a great way to develop your intuition and manifestation powers on a higher level. Allow me to guide you in this deep-dive of self-truth, manifestation, and intuitive empowerment.

Intuitive Restoration™


Unleash your inner compass

Learn to download those intuitive hits from the universe, and use those messages to build yourself an abundant life. Everyone has the power to master their intuition with some practise and guidance from another intuitive soul. 

Success Stories

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'If you truly wish to heal something, especially profoundly, then do it from a higher realm. That has been my awareness for years now, but there was only so much I could do on my own. Not only did Leslie let me intuitively guide my own experience, but she amplified my abilities and perceptions as she verified what I had been sensing in ways I never believed possible. A true healing took place that day, through a deep removal of a negative presence within my body. Furthermore, through the external validation and confirmation that I was in fact in communion with spirit. 

~ Teiras For Intuitive Restoration

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Begin your path to intuitive alignment today.

Thanks for submitting!

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Are you ready to step into your power?

Download my free guidebook and learn how to tap into your own intuition,

in order to build an abundant life.

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